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Launching ‘The State of Bourbon’

It’s National Bourbon Heritage Month–celebrating America’s only native spirit. So what better time to launch the newest book from the My Old Kentucky Road Trip team? Our friends at Barrel House Distilling in Lexington hosted the launch party for The State of Bourbon: Exploring the Spirit of Kentucky on September 1, and it was a blast! Barrel House Distilling is one of 13 (for now) micro-distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. Their tour does not disappoint! The Barrel House team takes you inside and up-close to their process, which uses the only (legal) direct-heat still in the country. It certainly doesn’t hurt that their Elkhorn Tavern serves some amazing food and cocktails too…

My Old Kentucky Road Trip Chevrolet Corvette

The Little (White) Corvette: A Kentucky Love That’s Gonna Last

Unfortunately, the first Chevrolet Corvette wasn’t produced in Kentucky. That honor goes to Flint, Michigan. BUT! We do lay claim to all of the Corvettes produced since 1981. But we’re big fans of history here, just as much as we love our culture today. So, here’s to you Flint, Michigan, and the 1953 Corvette! Without your “Polo White” exterior and lack of outside door handles (really!) Bowling Green, Kentucky, would be without one of the coolest and most unique museums in the world.

Are you Afraid of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium?

Let me preface this by saying we are both scaredy-cats, Cameron probably more so than Blair. Either way, you won’t find either of us first in line at the latest Wes Craven or Saw 5,324 (gosh, how many of those are out now?). So maybe we’re crazy, but we’re also really excited to go on a ghost-hunt this weekend! We’ll be on one of the many tours offered by the Waverly Hills Historical Society (and probably clinging to each other for courage and moral support). Waverly Hills first opened its doors as a tuberculosis hospital in 1910 and expanded to its full size during the 1920s tuberculosis epidemic in Louisville. As advances in antibiotics reduced the staggering numbers of TB patients, Waverly was turned into a geriatrics center until it was closed down by the state in 1980. Those of you who DVR Ghost Hunters or any other paranormal TV shows/specials are probably already well aware of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and it has consistently ranked among the Top Most Haunted places in the country. …

Stop and Meet Leroy at Cave City’s Olde Gener’l Store

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the best discoveries you will make on road trips are those you don’t plan for at all. It was under that truth, that we stumbled upon The Olde Gener’l Store in Cave City. Let me backtrack a little. After finishing our awesome tour of Mammoth Cave, we headed to the Wigwam Village No. 2 to check in to our teepee suite. After getting settled there, we went back out on the town to see what Cave City had to offer. Here is where we encountered a problem: With the exception of a few restaurants, there’s not much open in Cave City past 7. At least not in what the locals told us was the “off season.” In the summer months — most likely after Memorial Day and before Labor Day — Cave City is thriving with restaurants, novelty shops, miniature golf courses and alpine slides (yeah, that one confused us, too). Only the biggest attractions stay open year round. Now that’s not to say you can’t find ways to …