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We’ve lived in Kentucky our whole lives – born here, grew up here, graduated college here – but when we stopped to consider it, we realized we’ve never actually seen here.

Kentucky is a beautiful state full of scenic treasures. Whether they are National Parks, world-famous gorges, popular lakes, or tiny off-the-beaten-path ‘gener’l’ stores, the state is overflowing with vacation opportunities.

And while we’ve spent our lives in Kentucky, we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the things there are to do and to see. So how do we fix that?

A road trip of course. An Old Kentucky Road Trip.

From the parkways to the back roads, come along with us as two Kentucky natives explore the Bluegrass State.

Contact us at myoldkyroadtrip@gmail.com

My Old Kentucky Road Trip: Historic Destinations and Natural WondersThanks to each and every one of you who as dropped by our site, left us a note, or joined us for a journey along the way. We couldn’t be more excited about our book from The History Press , the adventure that awaits us, and the many more road trips on the horizon.

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Our beautiful cover images are courtesy of Elliott Hess Photography for My Old Kentucky Road Trip.