Baby, it’s cold outside…drive safe!

Winter Driving Kentucky

According to Joe Hanson of It’s Okay to be Smart, there’s no such thing as cold.

See the full video at It's Okay to be Smart
Full video at: It’s Okay to be Smart

Clearly, Joe hasn’t been in Kentucky these past few weeks…

Its hard to be dedicated road trippers when the roads resemble an Olympic ice luge. Here’s the disclaimer: Please don’t drive on snowy, icy, or otherwise dangerous roads! We care about y’all way too much, and the world needs more safe road trippers, not less. Please, when in doubt, err on the side of caution.

That being said, if needs must—and sometimes, yes, needs must restock ice cream, pizza, and chardon…pardon, we meant, milk, bread, and eggs—you MUST make sure your faithful road trip car is in excellent working order and that you’ve got all the vehicular essentials in case of emergency.

As long time listeners of Car Talk (R.I.P. Tom!) and well-educated road trippers, we’ve created and kept up with our own Winter/Cold/Snowpocalypse Checklist to make sure our trusted wheels stay safe and happy, even if March comes in more like a polar bear than a lion.

For a full comprehensive list from the Car Talk guys, click here. AAA also has an excellent list of winter car essentials and cold weather driving tips here.

#MOKRT Winter Car Tips

My Old Kentucky Road Trip Winter Car Tips

#MOKRT Winter Auto Emergency Checklist

My Old Kentucky Road Trip Winter Car Checklist


Car Talk   |  AAA   |  Consumer Reports

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