Who’s Afraid of Kentucky Weather?

Horses during winter in Kentucky Elliott Hess Photography

You might be so. over. the cold weather and already looking toward the beauty and fun that is springtime in the Bluegrass State (Kentucky Derby, anyone?) But! Let us tell you: don’t miss out on the fun to be had this winter.

Take advantage of the snow and go sledding! We’ve been told that Hospital Hill near Bowling Green is particularly awesome. We’re also partial to some of the hills in and around Cherokee Park, too.

And speaking of Cherokee Park, why not bundle up and go for a hike? The trails are easy to navigate, plenty of parking near trailheads, and you can count the icicles on Kentucky’s native flora. Further south, lace up your best snow boots and take a walk through Raven Run or Buckley Wildlife Sanctuaries. Meanwhile, in Eastern Kentucky, no one ever told us you can’t go hiking through the Daniel Boone National Forest in the wintertime…

Any outdoor warrior also knows that winter is the best time to see Elk. Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park posts times for Elk Watches each season, as does Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, but make sure you register first!

Other wildlife best seen in the colder months? Sandhill Cranes migrate through the Barren River Lake State Resort Park each year. Also in the feathered category are Bald Eagles. You’ll want to head West for the best Bald Eagle watching. You can take guided tours at four state parks:  Kentucky Dam Village, Lake Barkley, Kenlake and Dale Hollow.

If you just can’t handle the cold, you’ll either want to head into the lodge at any of Kentucky’s cozy State Resort Parks, OR head underground. Mammoth Cave, Carter Caves, and Louisville’s Mega Cavern all stay a balmy 50 – 60 degrees year-round!

And just in case you get a little thirsty while you’re out exploring, Popular Science says it’s perfectly OK to eat snow! As long as its fresh and white…

Kentucky Winter Barn Quilt


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