Delicious Geometry: Celebrate A Very Special Pi Day with the Sweetest Spots to Grab a Slice

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Every year, March 14 is celebrated for its coincidental similarity to π, which, as any good student knows, equals 3.14 and is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

For the only time this century, this unique holiday aligns with not two, but four numbers that follow the decimal point. 3/14/15 = π = 3.1415 (and a whole string of other numbers too long to print here).

If, like us, you’re more inclined to celebrate with actual pie (and not everyone’s favorite mathematical constant), we’ve cooked up a list of places around the Bluegrass to indulge in a treat that’s truly as American as, well, apple pie. Á la mode, of course!

Missy’s Pies Very familiar (hopefully) to most Lexingtonians, snag a slice of 14 standard varieties and an ever-changing list of new, seasonal concoctions. Stop by the standalone shop at Woodland and High streets for a dine-in or carryout lunch, too.

Sam’s Restaurant (formerly Sam’s Truck Stop) on Georgetown Road, in Georgetown, trust us, has pie that will make you believe it just came out of your grandmother’s oven. Make the quick trip just outside of town for a melt-in-your-mouth burger and a slice of chocolate peanut butter or toasted coconut pie.

Kentucky Silk Pie in Midway began baking their Kentucky classic at the former Robin’s Nest Restaurant in Midway in 1984. Though you can find Kentucky Silk Pie at many retailers, Midway Corner Grocery is right down the road from the bakery.

The Midway School Bakery was opened by Chef Ouita Michel in 2012 at the former Midway High School. Snag a slice (or a whole pie) of the chocolate bourbon pecan; they source their flour from Weisenberger Mill, chocolate from Ruth Hunt Candy and their pecans from Kentucky Nut Corp. in Hickman.

Bluegrass Baking Company on Clays Mill Road right here in Lexington, stocks all sorts of goodies. But trust us, you’ll want to try their blackberry linzer tart.

Boyd’s Orchards in Versailles is certainly a go-to for pumpkin picking, but did you know the café and bakery are open year round? If you haven’t tried the fried apple pie, you’re missing out.

Le Matin in Chevy Chase stocks the most beautiful tarts, you won’t want to eat them! Honestly, though, how could you resist?

(πr)2 No!

If you’re looking for something more savory than sweet, here are a few other comestibles you ought to put on your meal list:

And lastly, a tribute, to Sweet Magnolia Bakery and Dottie’s Pies, former stalwart of Chinoe Road: We miss your delicious confections! 

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