Coming Soon: My Old Kentucky Road Trip, THE BOOK!

the state capitol building in Frankfort, Kentucky

We’ve been on some extraordinary road trips and more than a few amazing adventures across this great state together. Since we began this incredible journey more than three years ago—in April 2011, can you believe it?!—so many have joined us in our efforts to promote Kentucky travel to people around the state and others across the U.S. and the globe who haven’t had the chance to experience all of what the Commonwealth has to offer. For that, we are so, so grateful.

Now, we’re excited for you all to join us on our most unbelievable and exciting adventure yet.

Today, we’re officially announcing that we’ll have a book available in April! Featuring all of our favorite My Old Kentucky Road Trip stops, brand new road trips, and plenty of state history (and a few tall tales), My Old Kentucky Road Trip: Historic Destinations and Natural Wonders is available for pre-order on Amazon now. It’s a forreal book, y’all!

We’re so thankful for each and everyone of you who has visited our site, left us a comment, checked out our photos on Instagram, or shared your experiences with us on Facebook along the way. Connecting with fellow travelers who love roadtrippin’ as much as we do is the best part of this adventure for us. And the journey doesn’t stop now. We’re so very excited about the new book and the exciting opportunities it will afford us. But more than ever, we’re exciting to still be on the road, still be visiting the far corners and hidden gems that we haven’t explored yet. And we’re so excited to have so many Kentuckians, who are just as proud as their home state as we are, out there promoting Kentucky travel alongside us. Here’s to the Beautiful Bluegrass!

To kick off what we’re sure is going to be an exciting few months for us, we can’t wait to show you the cover of our book! Isn’t the photo of the Kentucky state capitol building in Frankfort beautiful?! Thanks to Elliott Hess Photography for My Old Kentucky Road Trip for capturing an amazing sunrise over the capital. This is one of the images featured on our book cover! What other iconic Kentucky images do you think we’ve included on the cover?

Stay tuned … we’ll reveal our book cover on Friday!


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