Road Trip Tips: How to Mend a Chipped Windshield (All By Yourself!)

how to fix a chipped windshield yourself

Spring has sprung, y’all! Which means it is time to hit the road! Spring is one of our favorite times to take an Old Kentucky Road Trip — we’ve been cooped up inside all winter, so when the clouds break, the sun shines through, little green things start popping up from under the soggy ground, we gas up the car and can’t fasten our seat belts fast enough.

This spring is especially exciting for us Road Trip Gals (and our trusty Photographer) because we’re hitting the road to promote our new book from The History Press! My Old Kentucky Road Trip: Historic Destinations and Natural Wonders is available at the end of March and we are counting down the milliseconds until we get to share it with all of you!

Part of our mission here at My Old Kentucky Road Trip is to make sure all of you have the tools you need to have a great experience exploring the Bluegrass State. To help you do that, we provide some road trip tips to lend a hand to all you road warriors. Let’s take a moment to share a road trip hiccup that happened to us just last week:

While out exploring, we had a small rock pop up from the highway, nick our windshield and put a small starburst chip right in the middle. Nothing ruins a road trip like car trouble or the worry that you’re going to have to spend a fortune getting something on your chariot repaired. Lucky for us (and now for you!), there was a solution to this windshield dilemma that didn’t involve the auto body shop.

how to fix a chipped windshield with repair kit

We purchased a do-it-yourself windshield chip repair kit at our local hardware store (also available online and at an auto parts store as well). We were super skeptical about this kit, which included an alcohol swab, a razor blade, a push pin, a syringe, a tube of resin, and a piece of thin plastic. But with super simple follow-along instructions, we had a flawless windshield (or windscreen for you Brits out there) in just about an hour’s time. All for less than $13.

Here’s a quick and easy summary of how it works (but please follow the instructions provided in your kit for best results):

how to repair a chipped windshield

One thought on “Road Trip Tips: How to Mend a Chipped Windshield (All By Yourself!)

  1. I didn’t know you could find do-it-yourself kits for windshield repair. I have a small chip in my windshield and I would like to get it repaired. I was just going to have somebody do it for me. I think I will try to do it myself instead.


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