FYI: A Few Kentucky Horse-Themed Safety Tips

Thoroughbred horses near Lexington Kentucky, the Horse Capitol of the World

OK, don’t be fooled by the title of this post. I’m not going to bestow on you any deep knowledge about horses and safety. You want some REAL basic safety tips to keep in mind when you’re going to be around horses? Check out this list of tips from The Horsepedia. They’re serious and very helpful. (Like did you know you shouldn’t stand directly in front of a horse? They have a blind spot and can spook.)

This past weekend, I accompanied the Boyfried on a roadtrip to Cumberland Falls. I visited the lovely water falls, Eagle Falls and even got to see a moon bow! And I only participated in a minor amount of trespassing, which is a major accomplishment. While I’m putting together my thoughts from my most recent trip, and waiting on the Boyfriend to tone his beautiful moon bow pictures, here is a little in between post to hold you over.

Going through some pictures a few days ago, I came across these photos that were taken over the Christmas holiday at a close family friend’s horse farm in Lexington. After our annual Christmas Even brunch, my brother announced to the room that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d touched a horse. Which apparently, given he was from Lexington, was startling to him and half the room’s occupants. So we marched him outside – a few carrots in hand – to a field with a few horses enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. The following occured:

Brian begins feeding horses.

Horses are thankful for the delicious afternoon snack and want to thank Brian for his kindness. Brian is overly pleased with himself.

Horses are still hungry. Brian tries to turn them down, informing them they’ve had enough. Horses do not take well to Brian’s superior attitude. Horses turn Brian into snack.

Horses swallow him whole. Christmas is ruined.

OK, well the last part isn’t true. But here’s your horse safety tip for the day: When feeding a horse, let him tell you when he’s finished. And definitely don’t give him the impression that you are calling the shots. He’s bigger than you are (ahem, Brian).

So glad you’re educated now.

Top photo by Elliott Hess for My Old Kentucky Road Trip,

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