Pull Up a (Lawn) Chair: We’ll See You at Danville’s Lawn Chair Film Festival

Post by Blair: 

When I was a kid, my parents used to load my brother and I up in my dad’s pick up truck, toss a couple of lawn chairs and blankets in the back next to a cooler and bag of snacks, and we’d head to the drive-in. I remember a few of the movies we saw — Jurassic Park scared my mother to death. In fact, I remember quite clearly her terror when the skunk pranced by our truck in the middle of the movie, she claims she thought it was going to spray us … really, she thought it was a Velociraptor — but what I remember most about those trips was sitting in lawn chairs in the back of my dad’s truck, listening to the movie through those static-filled little metal speakers that hooked onto the side of your vehicle, and contently watching the films play out on the gigantic screen in front of me.

In my memory, those lawn chairs were better seats than any cushy movie recliners.

It could be my nostalgia over drive-in movies (or over lawn chairs) that inspired our next road trip … or it could be the awesome uniqueness of this annual event we found in Danville, Kentucky.

Either way, on May 20 our road trip will make a stop at Constitution Square for the Lawn Chair Film Festival.

The film festival accepts entries in several different categories from amateur film makers. This years categories include:
• Best Comedy Under 5 Minutes
• Best Comedy Over 5 Minutes
• Best Dramatic Piece Under 5 Minutes
• Best Dramatic Piece Over 5 Minutes
• The Out-of-the-Box Award
• Best Documentary
•  Best Animation
• Audience Award (determined by applause)
• The Lawn Chair Challenge
• Cell Phone Action
• Grand Lawn Chair Award for Best Film

The festival runs from 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. at Danville’s Constitution Square. In the case of rain, check back and we’ll let you know the backup location.

This film festival kicks off the Lawn Chair Theater summer film series. To learn more about this event and more of what you can find in Danville, Kentucky, visit www.betterindanville.com.

For more information about the Lawn Chair Film Festival, check out its Facebook page.

Danville has a number of activities going on prior to the film festival. Swirl, Sip and Shop, sponsored by Heart of Danville, is a wine tasting and shopping event that will be held 5-8:30 p.m. Tickets are $15; call (859) 236-1909 for more information.

What it’s going to cost you:

The film festival is FREE! If you’re interested in other Heart of Danville events, you can learn about pricing here.


As always, if you’re sick of listening to your bossy GPS and Google Maps just doesn’t seem to make sense, feel free to email us at myoldkyroadtrip@gmail.com for directions! Hope to see you there!

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