Exploring Dinosaur World, and going back to a Land Before Time

OK, confession time: the only experience either of us had with Dinosaur World prior to this weekend’s trip was laughing at the giant T-Rex waving at us from the side of the highway. We’re sure you’ve seen him, and we’re also sure you’re probably no less guilty than we are of smirking at the bright orange, scaly, prehistoric monster beckoning at you along I-65. (By the way, if you look really closely as you’re driving past him-although not recommended if you’re the person behind the wheel- you can see the Wooly Mammoth Garden hanging out in the trees!)

However, it is also our confession that Dinosaur World is AWESOME, and totally worth taking Exit #53!

Childhood Memories

When Cameron was a kid, the only movie she ever cried during was The Land Before Time, and no, not the scene you’re thinking of when Littlefoot’s mom dies (although that’s pretty heart-wrenching too for a 4-year-old), but when they finally make it to the Great Valley and the music swells and all the dinosaurs co-exist happily with the waterfalls and the trees. Don’t make fun, we know you were affected as we were…But we kid you not, you CAN visit the Great Valley at Dinosaur World!

If you look closely, you can see the Triceratops, the T-Rex, and we think those might be Allosauruses.

Just a Walk in the Park

The day before we made it to Dinosaur World was cold, rainy, gray, and drippy- everything you’ve ever associated with a dismal day, though perfect for caving. The day we went to Dinosaur World: bright, sunny, warm, and cloudless, in short, a great day for a walk in the park! When you go to Dinosaur World, you’re provided with a map of the route around the park and identifiers for all the attractions. Much like a wonderful day at the zoo, the route takes you past the dinosaurs in their “habitats” with markers along the way giving you a bit of history and fact about each species. Raptors pop out at you from behind the bushes, the gentler-looking stegosaurus lounges next to a tree, and pterodactyls soar amongst the leaves. A quick detour takes you to the Mammoth Garden (Cameron’s favorite pre-historic critter) and a close-up bonding experience with your T-Rex friend who resides next to I-65 . Either before, or after your walk through the Jurassic period, you can dig up fossils in the sand, uncover a dinosaur skeleton in the boneyard, learn more in the museum, or hang out in the “Cave” Theater, not to mention there’s a supercool playground/jungle gym area- check out all the fun Blair had on the play sets in the slideshow below!

What it’s Going to Cost You:

Admission to Dinosaur World is:

  • $12.75 plus tax for adults
  • $9.75 plus tax for children ages 3 to 12
  • $10.75 plus tax for seniors over 60

They DO allow friendly pets on leashes and picnic lunches, and there’s a pretty great gift shop too with lots of cool dinosaur toys, models, games, and stuffed animals (among plenty of other fun things!) Parking is FREE, and they’re open every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving. For more information on pricing or driving directions, visit their site here.

More Photos from our Visit:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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