Month: October 2011

Evans Orchard and Cider Mill Lexington Kentucky

Our Fall Road Trip to Evans Orchard and Cider Mill (they have pumpkins, too)

Nothing celebrates beautiful autumn in Kentucky like one of the state’s great orchards or fall festivals. Visit Evan’s Orchard near Lexington.


Kentucky (Tall) Tales: Lexington’s Narcotic Farm

Between 1935 and 1975, most everyone sent to prison for drugs in the U.S. was sent to the U.S. Narcotic Farm located in Lexington.

The Battle of Perryville Reenactment in Perryville, Kentucky Civil War

Gunpowder, Cannons, and Horses, Oh My! The 149th Anniversary of the Battle of Perryville

We interacted with the Civil War reenactors at the Battle of Perryville reenactment in Perryville, Kentucky. There were cannons and gun-holding involved.