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A Road Trip to Carrollton, Kentucky: Where the River Meets the River

The southwest can keep its 4-corners crossroads and the Gulf of Mexico can have the Mississippi River delta, I’ll take Carrollton, KY, and stand over the swirling eddies where the Ohio River meets the Kentucky. Named for William Orlando Butler, and situated on the Butler family’s former land, General Butler State Resort Park is the only place in Kentucky where you can see the convergence of the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers. The Kentucky River, which starts its course in the Cumberland Mountains, winds its way through the Bluegrass region before joining up with the Ohio River along the banks of Carrollton in Carroll County. From atop a hill near the lodge, an overlook point offers sweeping, magnificent views that a camera can’t do nearly enough justice. When its not high summer, you can see through the trees and mark the full, East-West boundary along the Ohio River.   Honestly, at times it seemed like we couldn’t go anywhere in Carrollton without a gorgeous view of the river. Though, of course we made sure to walk along both rivers’ banks. You …